we negotiate better rates for you on your existing cable plan

HOW it works:

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...




Sign Up Is FREE: Only pay if we save. It's easy, send your bills in through our secure website.




We Call For You: Shrinkabill's expert negotiators will do all of the work.




You Save Money: Your monthly payment will go down, and you will pay less. It really is that easy: send in your bills, and save money. 

Save Money On Cable TV

No Savings - No Charge. After negotiation is complete we bill 1/3 of the savings. Example: If Savings is $1,000 we bill $333 and you keep $667. 


Shrinkabill saved me over $2,300! I was overwhelmed with the savings.
— Adam Ross- Shrinkabill Customer